About Us

Founded in 2010, Haiti Staffing & Business Resources (HS&BR) is an HR firm that provides a wide range of services to clients nationwide and internationally with a focus on recruitment and personality assessments.

In 2013, HS&BR was recognized and honored as a company making changes in the community by providing professional HR services and fostering equality within the job market.

HS&BR establishes a sustainable rapport with each of its clients and is committed to offering personalized HR solutions to its customers whether it is through training programs, staff management, and/or recruitments.

HS&BR's staff is seasoned and experienced. Rose Jeudy, the President and one of the founding members, holds a Masters degree in Human Resources and Development with over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources. Ms. Jeudy held a wide range of positions within the human resources sector and have headed HR departments of various institutions in Haiti and abroad.

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Our social responsibility

  • A women-led business that strives for equal opportunities for all, gender equlity and inclusion of persons with special needs;
  • Committed to finding employment for Haiti’s workforce and providing employment opportunities in Haiti for nationals living abroad;
  • Committed to sharing knowledge, expertise and experience to develop a sustainable workforce environment;
  • Special initiatives to create workforce development programs, enhance awareness of labor laws and practices in Haiti and assist in creating an equitable work environment.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Contribute to the Economic Growth of Haiti by serving as the bridge between job seekers and employers.

Our Values

Our Values are to :
  • Strive for employment opportunities for all, a dignify workplace, and to be a beacon of integrity for our clients;
  • Promote effective and cost-effective business practices and sound ethical conducts;
  • Contribute to a sustainable environment and the success of local communities; and
  • Respond to clients’ needs with efficiency and professionalism.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to:
  • Establish a structured and equitable job market in Haiti;
  • Match qualified workers with the right employers by taking into consideration Personalities and culture of both, the employee and employer.

What sets us apart

  • Expert Knowledge
  • Personalized HR Solutions
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • HS&BR has a team of qualified HR experts. We are linked to a network of HR professionals nationally and internationally that offer long lasting solutions to your most complex HR issues.